Unity Assets

Easy Hills 2D

Ever wondered how the 2D physic-based hills are made? EasyHills2D provides all the functions to generate and edit these hills by yourself. For physics the hills use the new “Edge Collider 2D”. It’s really fast and guarantees a smooth sliding/driving on the hills. You can add decoration layers to the hills. This way you can generate grass or a road on the hills. EasyHills2D even allows you create destructible terrain that can be destroyed dynamically in your game!

- Create 2D bezier hills in the Editor
- Add decoration to the hills
- Make the terrain destructible (y-direction only at the moment)
- Terrain is generated dynamically at the beginning of a level (save space)
- Full source code (C#)
- Documentation and example scenes included

Visit the Forum for support.

Easy Level Loader

The purpose of the EasyLevelLoader is to avoid having one scene per level. Using one scene per level can result in huge game packages, which is specially critical for mobile games. With the EasyLevelLoader you are abled to use only one scene for your game and load all the necessary level objects dynamically at the beginning of a level. FEATURES – Save position, rotation, scale of Prefabs in a binary file. – Load them in the beginning of your level. – You are also able to save additional Information of the Prefabs. This way you can specialize certain Gameobjects. – Undo supported – Source included (C#) Includes a Documentation and an example Scene For help and support visit the Forum

Easy Tools

A collection of 4 time saving Unity Editor tools. EasyLock, EasyGroup, EasySelect, EasyCreate.

- Lock your GameObjects to prevent unwanted changes
- Locks also Components
- Lock states are saved and will be restored if the scene is reloaded
- Works with PreFabs
- Undo supported

- Group the selected GameObjects
- Ungroup selected GameObjects
- Collapse group (ungroup all groups iteratively)
- Undo supported

- Create and empty GameObject as the child of a selected GameObject.
- Great time saver in certain cases!
- Includes full source (C#) and documentation

- select all GameObjects with the same name
- select all GameObjects with certain Components
- Includes full source (C#) and documentation

For help and support visit the Forum or have a look at the Documentation