Construction Crew 3D is out now for Android!

Construction Crew 3D

After many month of hard work we are proud to announce that the sequel to Construction Crew is available for Android! In Construction Crew 3D you can steer over 15 physics-based vehicles through over 90 missions. Drive trucks, pickups and even speed boats! Steer cranes and trains! Get it now for free in the Google Playstore:


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Thanks and kind regards,
Matthias – Tiltgames

Tutorial: Add scenes to build in the context menu (Unity)

Recently I was working on a game in Unity, which uses one scene per level. In order to add new scenes to the scene build I wrote a little editor code, that adds a “Add scenes to build” functionality to the project-context menu. With this you can simply select a couple of scenes in your project view and automatically add them to your build. The script also checks if the scenes are already added to the build.


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;

using UnityEditor;

public static class AddScenesToBuild
		[MenuItem ("Assets/AddScenesToBuild", false, 1)] // Add menu item to project-context menu
		static void Init ()
		int i=0;

				if (Selection.objects.Length > 0) {
						List<EditorBuildSettingsScene> llist = new List<EditorBuildSettingsScene> ();
						foreach (EditorBuildSettingsScene s in EditorBuildSettings.scenes)
								llist.Add (s);

						foreach (Object o in Selection.objects) {
								string[] t = AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath (o).Split ('.');
								if (t [1] == "unity") {
										if (!llist.Exists (x => x.path == AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath (o))) {
												EditorBuildSettingsScene scene = new EditorBuildSettingsScene (AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath (o), true);
												llist.Add (scene);

					Debug.Log("AddScenesToBuild: Please select scene files (.unity)");
						EditorBuildSettings.scenes = llist.ToArray();
						Debug.Log("AddScenesToBuild: " + i + " scenes added to build. " + (Selection.objects.Length -i) + " scenes already exist.");


New Project (Coffee Run)

Today we’ve got exciting news. Jens and I teamed up (About) and started developing a brand new game a couple of weeks ago. It’s called Coffee Run! In the near future we will publish some more details about it, but for now here you can see the first sketches of our main characters :)